At February 23, our Association’s experts, Professor Borys Babin and PhD Anna Prykhodko participated in the meeting within the framework of the Ukraine Accountability Collaboration Platform on illegal re-education and indoctrination of Ukrainian children, committed by aggressor-controlled persons and structures. Let us remind that ARC’s efforts in area of countering illegal deportation of Ukrainian children to the Crimea and to Russia and Belarus started in April, 2022 and led to a set of international solutions.

This expert meeting was organised by International Renaissance Foundation and it gathered more that 70 experts, that exchanged opinions on issues of criminal proceedings and sanction policy against aggressor’s representatives, involvad in illegal re-education and indoctrination of deported Ukrainian children. Borys Babin stressed for meeting participants on challenges in area of national criminal legal qualification the relevant international crimes and aspects of investigation the relevant criminal proceeding on crime of genocide.

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