On May, 29 ARC’s expert Borys Babin took active participation in meeting “The Rights of Victims and Witnesses” held by “Ukraine Accountability Collaboration Platform” with support of “Renaissance Foundation”. Meeting participants described challenges and urgen issues of defence the rights of Russian aggression’s victims, including the Crimea examples. Professor Babin stressed on importance of determination the barristers’ ethics, presenting victims’ rights in criminal proceedings, with relevant role of lawyers self-governing bodies.
Also ARC’s expert described the unsolved question of victims’ procedural regime in cases of aggression, genocide and ecocide where the circle of suffered persons is defitilelu broad. Dr. Borys Babin also pointed on issue of possible administrative recognition the victims’ statute by a certain govermnental commission, such as created under auspice of Ukraine’s Ministry of Reintegration; also he reminded on victim’s cases in international jurisdiscions, including aspects of long-term investigation in Ukraine.

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