On June 5, our Association’s expert Olesya Tsybulko took part in a meeting in Trencin, Slovakia, with journalist Tomáš Forró, who traveled to Eastern Ukraine for three and a half years before the large-scale invasion, and was for some time the only Western journalist in the occupied territories who did not act in the interests of Russian propaganda.
The meeting was dedicated to the presentation of Forró’s reportage book “Song of the Sirens,” which is “a monumental journey into the very heart of the conflict in Ukraine, which differs from the usual media image.”
The ARC expert discussed with Forró, as an independent reporter, winner of three Slovak journalistic awards, exploring conflicts and crisis regions around the world from Central-Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia and Latin America, the path to de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea, as well as the role of independent media in this process. Also at the event there was a presentation of documentaries by the famous Slovak director Viera Dubačová, dedicated to the description of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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