On the eve of the show of criminal “elections” in the mainland occupied territories, the Kremlin held a show with “meetings with Putin”, which brought the criminal gautleiters of the occupied mainland Ukraine, including Volodymyr Saldo.

On July 25, this figure staged a stand-up with the Kremlin dictator regarding Black Sea transportation, after which news appeared in the media that Saldo “offered to launch a ferry service from Crimea to Turkey.”

In fact, Saldo, who had previously thoroughly broken the pots with the Crimean “colleagues” from the Aksyonov clan, was now broadcasting about Skadovsk, telling Putin fables about “thousands of ship calls” fifteen years ago and about “one and a half million tons of grain” of the new harvest.

Noteworthy here are not only Saldo’s fantasies about the exploitation of the front-line occupied Skadovsk as an alleged port “for Turkey”, but also the fact that this port, due to its size and the specifics of hydrography, physically and obviously cannot serve a significant number of ships; therefore, the immersion of both the gautleiter and his Kremlin boss into a parallel reality turned out to be as complete as possible.

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