According to social networks, on July 11, in a roadstead near occupied Feodosia, an occupiers’ tanker was seen, which was brought to the port by tugboats, and later a barge with corner reflectors for “anti-missile interference” was fixed there; also, as we wrote earlier, for several days in a row, the “rescue ship” of the aggressor “Purga” has been cruising in the Feodosia region.

Thus, it is indisputable that the aggressor is trying to increase the transfer of oil products to the occupied peninsula, primarily for its military group and the Black Sea Fleet using the Feodosiya oil depot.

Let us recall that we previously wrote about the machinations of the aggressor with the “NIKIMS” structure, illegally moved to the occupied Simferopol in April 2022, through which the Russian occupiers launder funds from “contracts” for the transportation of the Kerch crossing, including trains with fuel.

We also pointed to the plans announced by the criminal Aksyonov to “revise approaches to fuel purchases” not “through the exchange, but directly from suppliers” in order to change the nature of the “kickback flows”, and this may be due to the activation of criminal fuel transfer in Feodosia.

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