At the beginning of July, the Crimean “supreme authorities”, represented by Sergei Aksyonov and Yuri Gotsanyuk, again came to Yevpatoria to talk about how to properly sweep the streets and deal with garbage. Previously, we wrote about the tragicomic “cleaning visits” performed by “prime-minister” Gotsanyuk, now stories about the “mystery of the broom and dustpan” could be heard personally from gauleiter Aksyonov.
The criminal “head of Crimea” has already “pleased” his Yevpatorian “subordinates” with the demand to “reduce costs” for cleaning work, but at the same time to motivate somehow “private contractors”, “restore irrigation of parks, squares and thoroughfares”, and do “regular mowing herbs” and so on, in the classic “directions for Cinderella” style.
This imitation of the vigorous activity of the “chiefs on the peninsula” with a rather anecdotal reason is obvious: earlier we wrote about the “Golden sands” scam proposed by Aksyonov to the “higher spheres” on the coast of Western Crimea, after which he received an “indulgence” from the Kremlin for the “autumn elections”.
Therefore, such “cleansing” visits to Yevpatoria will be continued until the fall; in addition, the former “mayor” of Yevpatoria, Roman Tikhonchuk, who was “dismissed” by Aksyonov two weeks before the big war, decided to take this propaganda “garbage wind” into his “political sails.”
Tikhonchuk’s business interests are mainly related to land scams, and therefore he, naturally, is not against getting his “portion” from trillion-level thefts on the “Golden sands”, and without “holding” some “official position”. Therefore, it is not surprising that during this “cleansing visit” he publicly promised “at his own expense” to repair 500 entrances to long-suffering Yevpatoria.
Naturally, none of the “cleaners” began to clarify where the former “mayor” got so much “extra money”; however, it is already clear that this repair will be mainly on the pages of propaganda “media”, and the Aksyonov’s clan in the current situation has little choice: they can only publicly thank the “generous philanthropist”.

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