On February 20, on the eve of some “new” criminal “decisions” of the Kremlin announced by Russian propaganda in every way, the aggressor-controlled “press” circulated a statement by the illegal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov regarding the topic of “artillery hunger” for the terrorist group “Wagner” in the Bakhmut area, which had been exaggerated for several days by various near-Kremlin groups.

Aksyonov in this video, in a somewhat agitated manner, criminally declared about “support for Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin, Wagner PMC” and other criminal structures of the aggressor, “who are currently performing combat missions.” As the collaborator “pompously” proclaimed, “those responsible for disrupting supplies must be brought to their senses.”

The criminal Aksyonov said that “some functionaries still do not realize” that “from 1941 to 1945 such chiefs and generals would have faced the highest measure. It is clear that after such sentences, everyone else would have gained their wits and performed their duties more responsibly.” Aksyonov also criminally “urged” the aggressor’s officials, “until they are committed to the tribunal, and this can also be, to immediately fulfill their duties.”

Obviously, Aksyonov suddenly decided to “frighten” some anonymous “officials and generals” with “tribunals” for a reason, Ramzan Kadyrov was also noticed in a similar deliberate “friendship” with “Wagner”. It can be assumed that the current maximum “militarism” of the criminal “Goblin”, including the urgently promoted “Aksenovites”, pursue quite utilitarian goals in the further squabbling for the “power” of the aggressor’s groups.

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