In May of this year, we already refuted the fabrications of a certain associate professor Lyubov Ulyanova, who has long been associated with the “Sevastopol branch” of Moscow state university regarding “analytics” about holding a referendum on Ukrainian independence in 1991 in Sevastopol.

Then the fake media “ForPost” spread an extremely voluminous “stream of consciousness” regarding the voting of the Black Sea Fleet military personnel, and now the same “source” has posted “stunning facts” regarding the voting of employees of the enterprises “Zolotaya Balka” and “Atlantika” in 1991.

It is noteworthy that the “falsifications” of the referendum promised by the author were not found during the voting, and as alleged “discovered inconsistencies” they point to the “increased pay for the work of typists” who compiled the lists of voters and the support for the independence of Ukraine by the council of captains of the Atlantic.

As we already wrote on this occasion, the very sudden search by collaborators for non-existent “legal fleas” in 2023 is quite remarkable – from the “denial stage” of de-occupation, they smoothly move into the “bargaining stage” and try to find any non-existent arguments for this.

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