As the criminal “leadership” of occupied Sevastopol stated, the fake “head of administration” of Inkerman Rodion Demchenko was “removed from office due to loss of confidence”, allegedly by “decision of the Balaklava district court” and due to “corruption,” which he did not fail to “boast about” Mikhail Razvozhaev.

However, the “high-profile case” of collaborator Demchenko, who since 2005 has been involved in petty scams in the confectionery company “Sweet Life” and actively served the “Russian world” as “chief of staff of the Sevastopol Cossack Union” “Rus” since 2009 and as a deputy of the Inkerman City Council from the marginal party “Russian Bloc” since 2010, is quite prosaic and concerns his wife’s driving in an allegedly “free car rented by the municipality.”

In fact, in the “area of responsibility” of the “permanent head of the administration” Inkerman Demchenko there were a number of “territories of infrastructure facilities” of the aggressor, and Razvozhaev had long sought to remove “from the unofficially fat feeding trough” this collaborator who had quite “serious appetites”; now the long-time dream of the “governor” has become a reality.

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