According to aggressor-controlled media, collaborator Olga Rastrigina “has been appointed acting minister of health” of the occupiers. However, after the tragicomic “extended resignation” of former “minister” Skorupski, no changes are expected on the occupied peninsula, in particular regarding the chronic shortage of medicines.
Let us remember that Rastrigina had nothing to do with medicine before the occupation of Crimea and “managed the Crimean branch of the bank.” However, she began to serve the occupiers as “deputy chief physician for economic issues,” first at Simferopol clinic No. 3, and then at the Semashko hospital.
But these positions were only a “minimum corridor”, since since 2015 Rastrigina had been involved in large-scale scams for five years in a row in the criminal role of “deputy director of the territorial compulsory health insurance fund,” and from there she went to “deputy minister.”
Previously, we have repeatedly described billion-dollar “insurance medicine” scams from the occupiers with the participation of Rastrigina. The tragicomic nature of the current situation is that formally Skorupsky was removed not for the scandal with a “high-ranking woman in labor” that we described earlier, but specifically for the “shortage of drugs in the pharmacy,” which was the “sphere of responsibility” of that same Rastrigina.

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