As we have already noted, the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov is constantly trying to emphasize his loyalty and usefulness to the Kremlin. For example, in a recent “interview” he enthusiastically talked about the “transfer to military rails of industry” of the occupied peninsula. Among other things, Sergey Aksyonov “shared a secret” that allegedly “drones are being assembled” in the Crimea.

It should be noted that earlier it was repeatedly reported that the aggressor used the occupied peninsula as a springboard for attacks by drones, including Iranian ones. Therefore, Aksyonov’s “confessions” can be assessed in different ways, not excluding both complete disinformation and attempts to “hide” Iranian drones behind the so-called “Crimean construction”.

What the criminal “head of Crimea” is more or less “frank” is the desire to kill as many Crimean residents as “cannon fodder” as possible. Speaking to the Crimean schoolchildren forcibly rounded up in Simferopol, he promised not only to introduce two years of “military training” in all occupiers-controlled “educational institutions”, but also to extend the term of “service” on a criminal “conscription” to two years. Traditionally, there are no doubts about Aksyonov’s criminal intentions, but whether he and his owners still have two more years in the Crimea is a question that is far from being so abstract and the Kremlin clearly does not like the correct answer to it.

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