On June 9, we reported on the hysteria of Russian propaganda regarding the likely detention by Bulgarian law enforcement of the chairman of the local branch of the Kremlin-controlled “Rusophily” (“Russophiles”) movement in Plovdiv, Zlatomir Devlensky.
At the same time, this agent of Russian influence kept his office right at the headquarters of the “Bulgarian Socialist Party”, and at the same time he worked in the Rhodope municipality.
We wrote that the aforementioned Moscow project “Rusophily” was led by the sanctioned “businessman” Nikolai Malinov, who was accused by the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office of spying for Russia back in 2019.
We pointed out the March appeal of our Association to the authorities of the EU and Bulgaria, prepared by Professor Borys Babin and other experts, about the “Crimean adventures” of figures from “Rusophily” and their complicity in international crimes, including calls for the genocide of Ukrainians and attempts to “justify” Russian aggression.
Let us recall that in the spring we reported about another provocation, when “Russian schoolchildren” who were collected by the aggressor in the Crimean “Artek”, were driven to a “teleconference” with a certain “Russian gymnasium” in Burgas, against the background of which not only the Crimean collaborator and the “professional Balkanist” Ivan Abazher, but also Asen Asenov, named no more no less than the “chairman of the Bulgarian party” “Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland.”
Then we wrote that Assenov himself is a fairly widely known Russian puppet in narrow circles, owning the company “Primemedia”, which had the rights to show Russian TV channels in Bulgaria, including “Channel One”, and broadcasting Russian narratives on its own TV channel “TV7”.
We have proven that Asenov is indeed an accomplice of another pro-Moscow figure Nikolai Malinov and his pseudo-movement “Rusophily”, as well as the political party “Revival of the Fatherland”, which later underwent a corresponding “rebranding”.
Among other things, the representative of our Association, Olesya Tsibulko, conveyed these challenges to Bulgarian experts during the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimean Platform, in April in Sofia.
Just yesterday we wrote that “it is obvious that the case with Devlensky is far from the end of this story,” and it really developed.
On the evening of July 9, the “Crimean media” and “Tsargrad” of the terrorist Malofeev disseminated a hysterical statement by Nikolai Malinov that allegedly Asen Asenov was interrogated by Bulgarian law enforcement officers, specifically regarding his visit to Crimea, accompanied by hate speech.
It is noteworthy that the leadership of the movement, which directly calls for “an uprising against the totalitarian dictatorship of global Sodom,” which clearly includes the democratic authorities of Bulgaria, says that in Crimea Asenov allegedly “was engaged exclusively in songs and dances.”
It is indicated that, unlike Zlatomir Devlensky, the “media tycoon” Asenov was released after interrogation, and now the puppets of the Russian special services are going to hold a “press conference in Plovdiv on this issue” on June 11 or 12, but will the next “songs and dances” save Asenov’s media empire from further interesting events – is a purely rhetorical question.

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