As it was reported in the social networks of the Russia-occupied Sevastopol, “in kindergarten No. 114,” one of the children was allegedly found to have an open form of tuberculosis. At the same time, as the parents of the children who visited this structure reported, the criminal “administration” became aware of this in early May, but the “parents of children from the sick group” were informed about the incident only on July 17.

At the same time, as the parents report, “all employees of the kindergarten were examined immediately after the diagnosis of the injured child” but the children were not “and no disinfection was carried out in the group”; it is obvious that the criminal “city health department” from the aggressor now has “completely different concerns”.

Before the story was published on social networks, the parents “repeatedly applied” to the illegal “kindergarten administration”, but there they were predictably “not given a clear answer”. In this story, it is noteworthy that in this same institution a few years ago, the nanny of the children’s department came down with the same open form of tuberculosis, and the occupiers never “embarrassed” it in the future.

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