The social networks of the occupied Crimea are discussing the tragicomic story that took place in Sevastopol’s Inkerman. There, the invaders’ punishers “checked” a man in a diving suit, whom the “vigilant resident” mistook for a “dangerous saboteur”.

The incident took place near the bridge over the Cherna River in Inkerman, where a woman noticed a “strange movement” in the water near the reeds and “a suspicious person in a black wetsuit with a mask covering his face, who performed incomprehensible actions with empty plastic bottles floating nearby”.

“Having checked the documents” of the swimmer, the invaders’ punishers learned that he was a diver from the Nizhny Novgorod region, who moved to the occupied Sevastopol quite a long time ago, “mining” oysters in this way on the “officially rented pier”.

However, not all manifestations of the collaborators’ criminal “vigilance” have such a tragicomic development. According to “Radio.Svoboda”, in the same Sevastopol, a “teacher of English in one of the city colleges”, whose last name was not reported, was illegally “fined” and “fired” the other day. Punishers illegally “brought to justice” this person for “discrediting the Russian army” in social networks.

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