On February 20, the “Base of Ukrainian sports” resource reported that a branch of the “Anna Nasekina’ school” for teaching synchronized swimming was opened in Riga.

Muscovite Nasekina is a Russian athlete who, since 2017, has been declared an aggressor in the criminal role of the “president” of the fake “Synchronized swimming federation of the republic of Crimea”.

This structure, used by the aggressor to promote their own criminal “Crimean theses” under the guise of “sports cooperation”, is illegally based on the Ukrainian National Paralympic and Deaflympic Training Center seized in the Zaozerne village of occupied Yevpatoria, where there are appropriate pools located.

As Nasekina herself admits, since 2014 the aggressor have used her to assess the captured sports bases and then she took part in organizing illegal “all-Russian competitions” on them, including the captured center, “renamed” into the “sport center” “Evolution”.

Nasekina, who actively supports the Putin regime, illegally visits the occupied Crimea and criminally tries to publicly justify the attempted annexation of Ukrainian territories by the Russian Federation.

In response to these facts, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center contacted activists of the #LIBERATECRIMEA international movement in Latvia in order to prevent the aggressor from propagating an attempted annexation of Crimea under the guise of a “synchronized swimming school” in Riga.

Chairman of the Board of the “Congress of Ukrainians in Latvia” Jana Strielets sent a statement on this issue to the head of the State Security Service of the country, Normunds Mezhviets, with a request to provide information on the grounds for Anna Nasekina’s stay in Latvia.

In particular, the statement refers to such offenses as: public activities in support of Russia; indirect justification for the current Russian war crimes and crimes against humanity and peace.

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