On May 15, against the backdrop of regular “night pops” in the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol, the local aggressor’s propagandists, Oleg Kryuchkov and Alexander Talipov, staged a rather unusual “happening” on social networks.
In addition to the traditional criminal fight against Crimean residents, who post videos of explosions and fires online, these figures, among others, close to Sergei Aksyonov, decided to organize a public “witch hunt”, represented by exactly the same aggressor’s propagandists, but speaking in the Crimea under the guise of a network of telegram channels “ЧП” (“Emergency”).
Kryuchkov and Talipov accused their competitors of “working for the enemy” for a certain published “video of air defense work”, in which, however, apart from a blurry flash in the sky and obscene language in its background, there is nothing, and, frankly speaking, there is no way to correlate this video with specific locations of the occupied peninsula.
Kryuchkov also stated that “the administrators seem to think that staying and registering outside of Crimea in one of the southern Russian regions will help avoid liability”, and Talipov decided to “leak military secrets” and indicated that allegedly “the mobile number to which channels from North Ossetia, listed as Timur Tamazovich Peliev from Vladikavkaz”.
However, from the same hysterics of Talipov at the desire to “put Timur on bottle”, it follows that the “resentment” of this group against “competitors” lies in that they are “dispersing unverified information”, “increasing social tension under the guise of fighting injustice”, and “these are discrediting the authorities”, that is, the same Aksyonov.
In addition to Talipov’s deviations that we previously described, this “flow of grievances” indicates dissatisfaction with the “state of emergency” specifically on the part of the Aksyonov’s clan, since we are talking about defamation of the aggressor’s propagandists, controlled by completely different groups.
However, most likely the nightly desire of Talipov’s collaborator to “put on bottle” Timur Peliev, a deputy of the Vladikavkaz City Council from “United Russia”, an active supporter and promoter of the “Russian world” under the guise of a “regional journalist” and a “volunteer” of the “society for the development of Russian historical education” “Two-Headed” Eagle” from the terrorist Konstantin Malofeev, at a minimum, will be poorly understood by both the Ossetian authorities and the “authoritative” groups there.
In any case, the further development of this classic battle of “toads and vipers” will be shown in the near future.

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