In recent days, one can observe the unusual “media activity” of the criminal “Duma deputy from Sevastopol” Dmitry Belik, who either “pathetically” praises the “air defense” of the occupied city, then declares that the subject of the de-occupation of Crimea has allegedly become an “ideological trump card” of the US authorities.

This figure, like the infamous Medvedev, is also busy with public promises of a certain “line”, after which the aggressor allegedly “will give a very harsh reaction to the enemy”.

However, Belik’s “stormy activity” has too much in common with the aforementioned “Medvedev’s syndrome”, since it is reported that over the past year this gentleman has switched to such a degree of alcoholism that distinguishes him even from the “deputy environment”, that the situation even forces his “Duma curators” to discuss this “personnel issue”.

At the same time, the Siberian Belik, who ended up in Sevastopol in 1990, was for a long time a key pro-Russian functionary, notable, for example, for the fact that in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of 2012 he first arranged a “deal” with the notorious Pavel Lebedev, and then “supported for deputy” Vadim Novinsky.

In 2014, Belik actively contributed to the formation of the criminal invaders’ “administration” in Sevastopol and “headed” it for some time. Further, the Kremlin criminally decided to “withdraw” Belik from Russia-occupied Sevastopol “for a thought”, moreover, “at the expense of the federal reserve of United Russia”, but until the beginning of 2023 his “deputy” proceeded in a more or less “latent form”.

It is obvious that further Belik’s delirium will continue and grow, until a fairly predictable finale.

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