Earlier, we wrote that the large-scale earthquake that took place in Turkey and its “aftershocks” reminded both of the seismic risks for the occupied Crimea and the lack for the aggressor of a system for predicting such cataclysms.

Against the background of the obvious “special stability” of the “infrastructural facilities” and illegal “residential complexes” illegally erected in Crimea by the Russian occupiers, the situation is recognized by the Crimean residents themselves as critical, and for its “smoothing” it was not without new fake “comforts” from the aggressor, in the usual way for its propaganda style.

In April, the press service of the criminal Russian Geographical Society stated that “in the Taurida cave … it is planned to install a set of instruments with a satellite dish to measure seismic activity”, which allegedly will allow “fixing the approach of earthquakes to the Crimea.”

As the functionary of the southern scientific center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Berdnikov and Valery Kalinchuk said on this occasion, they want to illegally install a “GPS-GLONASS antenna” in the cave, which allegedly “will allow to recognize the conditions for the occurrence of earthquakes of the starting type”.

Let us recall that our Association has already investigated the destruction by the occupiers in Sevastopol of the geophysical observatory of the Taurida National University, established in 1986 and working properly until 2014, which in particular did not allow in 2023 to receive information in advance about a catastrophic earthquake in Turkey.

In this context, the occupiers mention the “Tavrida cave” only because it was discovered by them near the village of Zuya during the illegal construction of the highway of the same name and it became the subject of the aggressor’s propaganda fetish. But at the same time, this object, unlike a number of other Crimean caves, has not yet been studied by competent scientists, neither speleologists nor seismologists, and is essentially a “black box”.

Even without dwelling on the objective problems of the “GLONASS” system itself, and on the personalities of the same Kalinchuk, who six months ago spread fakes about so-called “dirty bombs”, it is obvious that such equipment in an unexplored cave can show anything but not the real forecast.

At the same time, the same occupiers are criminally designing in the same area, south-west of Zuya, a “branch of the Taurida highway” to Alushta, through Donske (Besh Terek) and Zarichne (Shumkhai), and they naturally did not calculate how this construction will affect the seismically hazardous area.

In this context, it suffices to point out the recent recognition of the illegal “Krymavtodor” that on the highway from Alushta to Yalta they have already stated “asphalt shifts due to tectonic destruction”.

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