The other day, an elderly Russian spy and fake “permanent representative” of the occupiers, Georgy Muradov, “pleased” the population of the peninsula with the fact that the criminal “authorities of Crimea” allegedly “will assist in organizing business missions of Crimean entrepreneurs to African countries, the first of which can take place before the end of 2024 in Burkina Faso”.
Muradov once again stated that “African countries are interested in Crimean agricultural products: wheat, flour, meat and dairy products, sunflower oil, as well as fertilizers”, and that “Crimea is ready to supply, in addition to the above, household electrical appliances, electric welding units, build passenger ships, pleasure boats”.
Why ships and boats are in demand for continental Burkina Faso – the elderly spy decided not to specify, but regarding food it is worth recalling that this winter there was a long epic of the aggressor’s transferring to the same Burkina Faso “25 thousand tons of grain as part of a humanitarian supply”, but even this the authorities of the African country took a long time and did not easily receive and master the propaganda “gift” – the lack and dilapidation of infrastructure, elevators, and so on affected it.
Therefore, if Muradov’s “new friends” are ready to receive something from the aggressor, it is exclusively for free and preferably with “home delivery”. Apart from purely imperialist, military and propaganda expansion in long-suffering Burkina Faso with its current absolutely caricature military regime, the aggressor has only one fairly systemic interest – gold mining.
It is noteworthy that extremely impoverished Burkina Faso produces about 70 tons of gold a year and has 17 industrial mines, while the Russian company “Nordgold” received the Imiougou site in the central region of the country from the current junta of Burkina Faso.
The beneficiary of “Nordgold” is the sanctioned Russian oligarch, the owner of Severstal, Alexei Mordashov, and, to put it mildly, the last thing that will interest this Kremlin protégé is some “interests of the Crimean business”.

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