On April 15, the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov announced the fight against the “uncontrolled presence of labor migrants” on the occupied peninsula. The formally declared “decrees” were a consequence of the “fight against illegal migration” announced after a terrorist attack in the Moscow Oblast, orchestrated by Russian special services.
However, the figures stated by Aksyonov in the identified “one hundred illegal workers” are quite tragicomic, and therefore the declared “ban on attracting foreign citizens working on the basis of patents in certain areas” pursues a different goal, namely, squeezing Ukrainian citizens out of the peninsula, those who have not received occupation “citizenship,” which applies to both Crimean inhabitants and those displaced region after 2022.
In fact, such “foreigners,” according to Aksyonov’s “decrees,” are prohibited from working almost everywhere, including agriculture, fishing, food industry, wholesale and retail trade, almost all types of services, education, culture, sports, any real estate activity, and so on. Obviously, it is precisely this format of “fight against migrants” that will become a lever for mass ethnic cleansing in the occupied region.

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