We previously wrote about the “sudden departure to the front” of the criminal “Sevastopol deputy”, collaborator Pavel Kharlamov, pointing out that this is an interesting symptom of another “storm in a teacup” in the occupiers’ “power corridors”.
Now the occupiers’ “media” are actively “sucking up the news” that “the current senators from Sevastopol in the Federation Council, Ekaterina Altabaeva and Sergei Kolbin, submitted their candidacies to participate in the primaries of United Russia”, “before the September elections to the legislative assembly of Sevastopol.”
Translated into human language, this means that both of these collaborators will soon be moved from the fake “senators” to a “lower perch,” namely, to the format of “ordinary Sevastopol deputies”.
At the same time, Kharlamov, Kolbin and Altabaeva are criminal “members of the presidium of the regional political council” from “United Russia” in occupied Sevastopol, where the “secretary” and, accordingly, the main “issue decider” is the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev.
Accordingly, deprivation of the “senatorship” will remove Kolbin and Altabaeva from this “party committee”, which actually happened to Kharlamov earlier.
This becomes a sign of a “smooth purge” by the Kremlin and its Sevastopol satrap Razvozhaev of the “power vertical” from Crimean collaborators, with their gradual replacement with “proven Russian personnel”.

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