We have written many times about scams in the “Zashchitniki otechestva” (“Defenders of gatherland”) “fund” created by the Kremlin, supposedly to “help veterans” of aggression against Ukraine, the head of which in Moscow was appointed by Anna Tsivileva, Putin’s cousin.
We also wrote about the “Yevpatoria representative” of this “fund,” a fake “lawyer” and former “guardianship authority specialist” Natalya Lyubimova, who, at the expense of her Kremlin bosses, can only give local “veterans” “detailed oral consultation”.
After this, and, naturally, “purely by coincidence,” the aggressor-controlled “Yevpatoria press” published a “detailed report” on the activities of this “social coordinator.”
However, a lot of letters from Lyubimova did not hide a simple fact: this fake “fund”, through which the aggressor “pumps” trillions, essentially cannot help the so-called “veterans” with anything other than that very “oral consultation”.
As an example, we can point to the “project for adapting housing to the needs of people with disabilities” mentioned by Lyubimova, within which it is supposedly promised to “inspect the living conditions of a citizen who received a disability as a result of participation” in aggression, “study his needs and re-equip his housing completely to meet these needs”.
However, on this issue, Lyubimova almost “candidly” stated that “exactly how this will happen is still difficult to say,” stating that “today in Yevpatoria two people are included in it”; naturally, the “fund” did not allocate any “financing” for this.
Let us note, that even we are well aware of not only the unpleasant details of the biography of the “social coordinator” and the “oral consultant of the foundation”, which we will not publish solely on moral grounds, but also that in Yevpatoria alone the number of people who returned from the criminal front without limbs or similar injuries, measured in tens.
Against this background, Lyubimova’s statement that instead of money, repairs or other tangible handouts, the foundation enrolls aggressor’s legless and armless “veterans” “in the Paralympic sports section” sounds especially cynical, and this, as we know, happens only on paper, and that’s why no one is particularly interested in the opinion of the newly minted “samovar athletes”.

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