As the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev stated on May 21, in the occupied Sevastopol they will “change the rules for issuing land to participants” of Russian aggression.

The fact is, as the fake “official” is forced to admit, while prescribing these “rules”, the occupiers indicated that “the applicant has the right to choose a site”, but taking into account the lands that they now decided to “give out”, it is obvious that “ consent to the proposed option” will have to wait a very long time.

So, Razvozhaev said that the first 300 sites will be “issued” in “late June – early July”, but it is worth pointing out the place of this “shelter for gladiators” of the Kremlin. It turned out to be abandoned agricultural land near the village of Polyushko in the Kacha region, located in a hilly area 10 kilometers from the sea near the road from Sevastopol to Saki.

It is noteworthy that construction of an “elite fashionable hotel complex” is ongoing on the nearest sea coast to these “plantations”, which is clearly not designed for relatives of the aggressor’s “cannon fodder”.

However, even in the wasteland near the village of Polyushko, there is clearly not enough space for “everyone who wants it”, so Razvozhaev can only declare, in the classic spirit of the “Soviet queues”, that “a place in the queue is a solid guarantee of obtaining a plot”, and that “the work to find free land continues”.

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