At the beginning of February, we reported that the aggressor refused to use criminal “separate postal operators” in the occupied parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions, the so-called “Kherson post” and “Tavria post”.

The invaders stated that the illegal “Crimean post” would criminally “serve” the occupied territories of the mainland south of Ukraine, moreover, through “PO boxes” created for this purpose in the fake “Simferopol post office”.

The ARC wrote that the aggressor has been using a similar criminal scheme with separate “posts” and forwarding through “PO boxes” in the Russia-occupied Donetsk and Luhansk since 2015.

However, since March 1, the aggressor has abandoned the “PO box games” in the occupied Donetsk, and announced that now the “Donbass post” will receive correspondence from Russia “directly”, putting this criminal structure on the same level as the “Crimea post”, which has been working criminally with “Russian Post” since 2014 without playing in “PO boxes”.

The corresponding criminal machinations of the aggressor with “correspondence”, as well as with the seizure of the property of “Ukrposhta”, infringements on the rights of its employees and customers will certainly become the subject of a separate law enforcement and international response.

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