We recently wrote that in occupied Sevastopol, the local “authorities” decided to replace previously promised land plots to “veterans” of Russian aggression with one-time payments of a million rubles, and not immediately, but in some “future.”
Let us note that for “specially selected veterans” the local “administration” simultaneously “allocated a hectare” practically in the city center, and now it becomes clear why a number of “officials” from the beginning of this year suddenly “became military personnel,” however, mainly in “Yalta direction.”
At the same time, the “Crimean colleagues” have not yet voiced the “million dollar idea,” but everything is going towards the same scenario: at one of the last “meetings” of the criminal “state council” in Simferopol, before its September “change of ranks,” collaborators en masse “transferred the land from republican ownership to municipal one.”
At the same time, it was not hidden that this “land festival” was taking place precisely for the subsequent distribution of plots for “individual needs” to all kinds of sufferers, who were able to financially motivate the “management vertical” of the occupiers in this regard.
Among other things, lands were hastily “allocated” in the villages of Vilino (Burlyuk), Krinichnoe, Zybiny (Arginchik), Aromatnoe (Shaban Oba), Zelenogyrske (Efendikoy), Aleksandrovka (Biy Kemelchi) and so on, that is, in places that were good enough for life and suitable for farming areas.
Naturally, no one here in the “State Council” even remembered the aggressor’s criminal “veterans”, acting according to the classic principle of the aggressor “you don’t understand, this is different.”

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