As the aggressor-controlled “Crimean media” write, the occupiers have begun designing a “special institution for keeping foreign citizens subject to administrative deportation by court decision” in Simferopol, and so far they intend to spend a “modest” 843 thousand rubles on the “design”. In the practice of the Kremlin punitive forces, such “institutions” are tied to airports where “illegal immigrants” arrive, and who are then “expelled,” accordingly.

The fact that the airport is closed in occupied Crimea, and the fact that before its opening it served exclusively illegal flights with Russia, does not particularly bother anyone; rather, on the contrary: much more money will be spent on supposed “design and construction”. Therefore, it is not surprising that such an “attractive piece” was “staken out” by the “”Shelf” Institute” we have repeatedly described back in 2022, “by signing state contract No. 0204”. Previously, we talked about the activities of an illegal “institute” from occupied Simferopol as a form of laundering of more than 2 billion rubles on “contracts” with the “authorities”, and this is only until 2021.

The criminal “general director” of “Shelf” was the Russian Anton Shafiev, who in 2014 received a prison sentence from the Russians themselves for his machinations in the “program for the construction of Olympic facilities” in Sochi. Instead of prison, Shafiev “surfaced” as a criminal “official” of the “administration” in occupied Sevastopol, where he “checked in” for laundering funds at the Yuzhnye treatment plant. We wrote that before the occupation, the “”Shelf” Institute” was engaged in design in the field of offshore fields, being owned by the state-owned “Chernomornefegaz”, as well as a certain “Enteko” LLC from Simferopol, the beneficiary of which was through a Cypriot company “Gazocontinental Holding Limited” was represented by the former father-in-law of Leonid Kuchma, Anatoly Franchuk.

We wrote that during the illegal “re-registration” in 2014, “Shelf” “saved a 10% share” for “Enteko”, but for the illegally “re-registered” company in Alushta, and with the same beneficiaries. Further, Shafiev’s “entry” into the “Shelf” coincided with the death of Anatoly Franchuk, and in 2021, his son and Kuchma’s son-in-law Igor Franchuk, previously a “freelance adviser” to Igor Klyuev, who was heavily soiled in the Crimean scams, denied his “inheritance” in “Enteko”. Now “Shelf” will launder funds for the “design of a special detention center” through the Simferopol “firm” “Krotos”, which is a classic “laying” and “registered” as a “news agency” for a certain Andrei Lachugin.

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