The Russian occupiers’ propaganda announced allegedly “developed new technologies” on the basis of the illegal “Sevastopol state university”, namely, a certain “adaptive air suspension” for the “Krym” “roadster”. At the same time, the invaders quote fake “employees of the department of road transport” that they allegedly used “components” from the aggressor and “wrote exclusive software”.

Regarding this “breakthrough news”, it is worth, firstly, to note that the “roadster” “Krym” itself was allegedly “developed by Moscow engineers” since 2013. In fact, it became a “PR cover” for the creation of the “Interuniversity youth engineering and technology corporation”, through which “development” was planned, that is, the laundering of “federal grants”. It is noteworthy that until 2022, the “engineers” admitted that the “roadster” is being made on the basis of the budget “Lada Granta” produced by “AvtoVAZ” and the share of its components was planned at 70%.

Analyzing this “long-term construction”, even Russian experts were skeptical, in particular, independent consultant Sergei Burgazliev stated that it is impossible for the aggressor “now to independently develop a passenger car, especially of a sports type”, and observer Igor Morzharetto also pointed out that “to be confident in his success in the current situation is impossible”.

At the same time, until 2022, the “creators of the roadster” did not hesitate to admit that for the model they need parts from Italy and South Korea, and that “microcircuits used in the production of control systems come from Taiwan”. As for the fake Sevastopol “university”, until 2022 it was not mentioned in any way in the “co-authors of the roadster”.

Secondly, even if you believe the “Sevastopol engineers”, then in fact, their alleged “contribution” to the creation of the “roadster”, in addition to some “exclusive software”, should include only such “important things” as “sensor housings” and “front panel management” from a certain “center for collective usage – “engineering and industrial design”.

But everything is not so simple with “software”, since the “Arduino platform” mentioned by the aggressor’s propaganda, of course, has nothing to do with the aggressor state, including the lack of representation and authorized agents. Thus, if you “believe” these statements, they only indicate that the fake “Sevastopol university” uses pirated software and becomes the aggressor’s industrial espionage hub, which we have already written about.

And thirdly, the very idea of “manually controlling the suspension” will cause an obvious skepticism from specialists associated with the real automotive industry. However, it obviously does not matter for the PR campaign of the aggressor with the mentioned “roadster”, since no one expects to see this construct on a real road.

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