Previously, we have repeatedly described the epic with the construction of a “new temporary detention center” announced by the Russian invaders in occupied Sevastopol, which they promised to build in the area of Cape Fiolent. In their propaganda, the occupiers emphasized that this “would not be a pre-trial detention center”, but clearly sought to create a “separate Sevastopol prison”, “with all the services” that they “lacked so much”.

However, the occupiers did not forget about the “personal, vital”, since the coastal lands “allocated” to them were called upon not only for a large prison, but also for the “new regional department”, and most importantly – for personal needs. The main “locomotive” of the construction was the criminal “head of the Ministry of internal affairs” of the invaders, Volgograd resident Pavel Gishchenko, who was “famous” back home for his participation in scams with public utilities.

After the criminal “transfer” of Gishchenko in February 2023 to occupied Donetsk, the project “for some reason” stalled, and the Samara company “Constant 18”, included to it by the “chief policeman,” only managed to spend more than 8 million rubles on “project documentation”. Now, at a “meeting of the city government” on February 5, the occupiers stated that there would be no “isolation centers” on Fiolent and that the facility would be built on the Sevastopol’s North Side, and they were “ashamed” to indicate the exact location of the future prison.

It is interesting that the formal reason for moving the “house of happiness” was stated by criminal officials as “difficulties in providing utility infrastructure, in this case, electricity supply.” We have previously written many times about the “special format” of electric supply for the residents of Fiolent, but it seems that it is just an excuse for the prison builders.

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