As the aggressor’s “Crimean” propaganda “enthusiastically” reported, during the “visit” to the occupied peninsula of the fake “delegation of the government of South Ossetia”, including “deputy chairman” Dzambolat Tadtaev, among the next “ambitious plans” it was announced “supplies to the Crimea of beer brewed with high-mountain water”. The liveliness of the elderly Russian spy Georgy Muradov, with which he commented on this “beer story” about “high mountain waters” is clearly explained not by the bravado of a connoisseur of the intoxicating drink, but rather interestingly: it was a rather painful “pin” addressed to the “current owner of the office” Sergei Aksyonov.

It is well known that the aggressor-controlled Crimean “monopolist”, the “Krym” beer and soft drink plant, is closely connected with the “business empire” of the criminal head of Crimea, and scams with water production “for the needs of the enterprise” at a number of athesians play an important role here, that Muradov exactly reminded unobtrusively, including about his awareness on that issue. As for the Caucasian brewery, which is “modestly” not named by propagandists, there is no need to guess too much, since in “South Ossetia” there is only one enterprise that produces factory beer, and this is the “Vysokogornaya Kelsk Brewery”, launched in 2022 allegedly “with funds Russian investor” on the basis of the “Aluton” plant “modernized” in 1991 in Akhalgori (Leningor).

It is noteworthy that, in circumvention of Georgian laws, the supplier of raw materials to Akhalgori is, among other things, “Belsolod” from the Brest region. This plant “became famous” back in 2010, when Eduard Kokoity’s group “squeezed out” the enterprise from certain Chelyabinsk “authoritative businessmen”, so it is not surprising that the Russian occupiers are hiding the data of the current “investors”.

However, an understanding of the situation is provided by an analysis of the activities of the “exclusive representative” of the plant in Russia, this is the company “Russan” from the village of Putilovo near Moscow, with multimillion-dollar turnover and registered trademarks, founded by a certain Liana Bagaeva, the “full namesake” of a mathematics teacher at secondary school No. 6 in Tskhinvali. It is obvious that the real investors of the “high mountain brewers” are not close to Russian business at all, but to the circle of the current South Ossetian “prince” Alan Gagloev; it is obvious that on the “high mountain water” of Akhalgori they brew beer not as much as they launder the billions of the Gagloev’s clan, which are closely connected, among other things, with drug and human trafficking.

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