The criminal “state council of Crimea” announced the illegal “inclusion in the privatization plan” of two Feodosia enterprises, and in total the invaders announced the criminal “privatization” of 24 Crimean objects.

These are the “Feodosia Ship Mechanical Plant”, which actually belongs to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and “Dvuyakorna Bukhta”, the successor of the “Gidropribor” enterprise.

In these collaborators’ statements, it is noteworthy that, despite their repeated promises regarding the fake “revival” of the industry, the Russian occupiers were unable to establish production both according to the profile of these enterprises, and in general, any kind of their commercial application.

At the same time, until 2014, according to the open information of the registries, “Dvuyakorna Bukhta” was controlled, through a number of companies, such as the Dnieper firm “Alminskyi Kamen”, by a business, close to the Ukrainian billionaire Sergey Taruta. Taruta has previously stated that he has lost control over his business in the occupied Crimea.

The illegal occupiers-declared “state unitary enterprises” in 2015 at these facilities were already “reorganized” at the end of 2022 into fictitious “private” “joint stock companies” with the same name, and the collaborators of the criminal “state council” plan to illegally transfer into the “right hands” their fake “shares” under the “simplified procedure”.

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