We wrote earlier that what distinguishes current rashism from classical Nazism is the criminal attitude not even towards individual people, but towards all peoples of the world as alleged “subhumans”. This is now clearly visible in the stream of consciousness of Sevastopol propagandists from the notorious publication “ForPost” regarding the “Armenian theme”.

We have already written about the terrorist threats voiced by Maria Degtereva to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, which “quite by accident” coincided with the detention by Armenian special services of a group of Russian “bloggers” with weapons on the eve of municipal elections to the Yerevan City Council. Now the same “geoanalyst” has produced a stream of consciousness about Yerevan’s possible ratification of the Rome Statute and the fact that “Armenia is choosing global democracy”.

At the same time, the Armenians in this lampoon are accused of alleged “lack of national self-awareness” and are frightened by the prospect of becoming “gypsies” “without family or tribe”. Previously, the Nazis actually exterminated the Roma as part of their atrocities, and now their Sevastopol fans from “ForPost” are ready to threaten genocide against the Roma, Armenians, and basically anyone; It is noteworthy that propagandists prefer not to reflect on the obvious consequences of the activity of their oral cavity.

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