Previously, we have written many times about the occupiers’ scams related to money laundering at “eco-technoparks” for waste processing. Let us recall that the criminal Sergey Aksyonov himself admitted that on the peninsula about 4-5% of garbage is “sorted” while “generating about 60 thousand tons of waste per year”. After the Crimean collaborators were unable to launch waste processing plants, which were actively being built on the peninsula until 2014, and the 2022 ideas from the then “deputy prime minister” of the occupiers Svetlana Maslova to transfer Crimean garbage to the occupied part of the Kherson region “for some reason” were not realized, ranting about “ecotechnoparks” have become the main ones.

We wrote that the occupiers planned to “bury money in the trash” both in Crimea and Sevastopol through the aggressor state company “Russian ecological operator”. The criminal “Crimean government” of the invaders announced “the construction of three eco-technoparks” by the end of 2023, “in the Belogorsky, Saksky and Leninsky districts,” which predictably did not happen.

Monitoring of social networks made it possible to establish that the “contractor organization” in this scam is the Moscow-based “Alliance Service”, with the beneficiary being the deputy from Podolsk, Alexander Demidov. At the same time, the “project organization” is a large specialized corporation of the aggressor “Terrikon”, which does not particularly advertise its Crimean scams. Registered in Tver and servicing “garbage combinations,” “Terrikon” has Petr Sannikov as its founder and “talking head,” but the real beneficiaries are the “founders” in the form of “authoritative businessmen” Nikolai Chazov and Maxim Mikhailov, as well as a hockey player Andrei Bliznevsky from team “Garant”, is a mafia group from Perm that has “become metropolitan”.

At the same time, we managed to find out that the site for the construction of the “ecotechnoparks” was declared to be a waste landfill operating for Yevpatoria to the west of the village of Pobedne (Shiban) and shell quarries near the village of Turgenevka (Komzet) approximately 45 kilometers northeast of Simferopol, with a “sight” specifically for the “capital Crimean garbage”. At the same time, at the “Turgenevka training ground”, money laundering additionally takes place through the Simferopol “firm” “Gas System” of collaborator Arsen Manasov.

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