We have previously repeatedly covered the epic with the “Novacenter” supermarkets in occupied Crimea, including the “nationalization” and the impending “sale” of four supermarkets for allegedly “approximately 350.6 million rubles,” that is, with an obviously ridiculous amount relative to the “market value” of the objects. It was noted that before the large-scale Russian aggression, journalistic investigations spoke of the involvement of the Ukrainian tycoon Oleksandr Hereha in business in the occupied Crimea, namely the corresponding four hypermarkets in Simferopol and Sevastopol, which before the occupation of the Crimea were part of the “Epicenter” system of the Hereha family.

A year ago, we reported about a propaganda video about the “head of the interim administration” of “Novacenter”, which they announced as Alexandra Romanenko. This collaborator until 2020 was the “general director” of that very Crimean “Novacenter” and later played the criminal “technical” role of a “candidate for early gubernatorial elections” of Sevastopol from the fake “democratic party of Russia”, and since December 2021 she has “checked in” in the role of “head” of the “Sevastopol branch” of the “organization of small and medium-sized businesses” “Opora Rossii”. Then Romanenko admitted not only that until 2018 she constantly traveled to Kiyv “to meet with the company’s management,” but also that in 2022, the beneficiaries of “Novacenter” allegedly changed even before the Simferopol “government” announced “nationalization” of hypermarkets. We said that in fact, the example of “Novacenter” shows that the process of “getting rid” of Ukrainian businesses from Crimean assets began after the repeal of the law on the exclusive economic zone “Crimea” in 2021.

In this vein and in the context of the upcoming fake “auction for Crimean supermarkets,” a new investigation by “Schemes” is interesting that the structures of Oleksandr Hereha, at least until July 2022, paid wages to Gennady Galchuk, who in 2015 headed the “Galaktika” supermarket chain in the occupied territory of Eastern Ukraine which before the start of the occupation were part of the “Epicenter” system
Galchuk regularly came to Ukrainian-controlled territory and financed the Hereha party, while receiving a criminal “position” in the Russian-controlled “administration”, and taking part in criminal “elections” from “United Russia” in the occupied Ukrainian territories. The Herehas do not comment on this situation, as well as previous publications from “mere mortals” about themselves.

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