We already wrote that in January, the occupiers-controlled “media” were forced to play “Captain Obviousness” and state that “the new water pipeline to Kerch was never launched” and “new pipes” “near Semisotka still lie unburied without changes”. This aggressor’s project was declared by him until 2022 as an “alternative to the water supply by the North Crimean Canal,” when artesian waters were transferred by him through the bed of the same canal to the east of the peninsula, to Feodosia and Kerch. Since the beginning of large-scale aggression and the “opening of a canal to Crimea”, the project has stalled, but after the aggressor blew up the dam of Kakhovka HPP, they began to frantically try to give it a “second wind,” although so far not very successfully. Now the occupiers have published “statistics” on this project, from which it follows that its “cost” allegedly amounted to 24 billion rubles.

“At the second stage” from “pumping station – 1” to occupied Feodosia and Kerch, it was planned to lay about 156 kilometers, with the “estimated throughput of the main water pipeline” of 195 thousand cubic meters per day. At the same time, it is stated that the Feodosia section is “almost ready”, but the section on the Kerch Peninsula is “57% complete,” and they promise to “put it into operation” “no earlier than the end of 2025”.

Against the background of this scam, the fraud with “seabank protection structures in Kerch Arshintsevo” looks rather “pale”, where the Feodosia “contractor” “Krymdorstroy” spent “only” 1.3 billion “republican funds”. We wrote that “laundering millions” for this illegal structure from Feodosia, registered to Nina Boguslavskaya, “is not the first time,” since during the years of occupation the company “wasted” three billion rubles. Also, in 2018, “Krymdorstroy” came to the attention of Ukrainian investigative journalists during the procurement, bypassing sanctions, of an asphalt concrete plant from the Finnish company “Amomatic Oy”. In addition to the formal “founder”, “Krymdorstroy” is connected with the “businesses” of another Feodosia businessman, Igor Adamov, who mainly “launders” millions on “road repairs”.

At the same time, the occupiers’ “media” state that as a result of “seabank protection”, “the earth has disappeared under the Youth Park in several places”, after which “more than a billion and a slope dug up for several years can literally fly into the tube”. As Kerch residents write on social networks about this matter, “the result of stolen money will be the same – oh! The cliff is collapsing. And who did it?”

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