As we previously wrote, in September last year, the occupiers’ criminal “Minister of Agriculture” , Andrei Savchuk, a year after his “appointment”, suddenly became concerned with “inventorying the farmland” of the occupied Crimea and promised to “analyze where the land is not used for its intended purpose”. We pointed out then that the motives of the collaborators were obvious: despite all the bravura “statistical indicators,” the peninsula’s agriculture fell into stagnation according to certain indicators, and into systemic degradation according to a number of parameters, and the collaborators wanted to “find the last one.”

At the same time, the corresponding group of collaborators, naturally, hoped to enrich themselves in “no man’s land”; however, in such cases, as the classic says, “having started an investigation, the main thing is not to expose yourself”, which, in fact, is what happened. Now Andrei Savchuk himself has become “extreme” for the agrarian collapse, asking “too many questions about the lands,” including regarding the lands of the “mainland” collaborators. On January 15, gauleiter Aksyonov announced the “dismissal of the minister”, allegedly for “incomplete cash disbursement and, as a consequence, the return of funds to the federal budget”.

Here we are talking about another scam, regarding “federal compensation to farmers”, which passed through the tenacious hands of Aksyonov and Savchuk “to the right people for a small bribe”, and there, of course, there was also a “dispute about the distribution of kickbacks”, but this, most likely, became only an excuse, not a reason for “resignation”.

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