In April, we wrote about the criminal “collection of signatures” by the so-called “Sevastopol communists” “for the return of the Stalin monument” to the “square at the entrance to the railway station building” as the criminal “first secretary of the city committee” Vasily Parkhomenko stated.

Further, we wrote that it was the “Sevastopol media” that began to frantically “PR” the criminal “history textbook for high school” where, according to estimates, Stalin is mentioned 143 times and mostly in a positive way.

Now the “Sevastopol communists” have taken a new step in their criminal PR and announced their intention to “create a museum in the city dedicated to the life and work of Joseph Stalin.”

It should be noted that the current attack of Stalinism for the collaborators is not accidental: in such a simple way they are trying to stake out their predecessor, so revered by the current Kremlin, and thereby “proving the usefulness” of the criminal “administration” to get a couple of “deputy seats” from it in fake “elections”.

However, the Russian invaders clearly did not appreciate such a “Stalinist approach” from the “smaller brothers”, and the aggressor’s propaganda made it clear that the ghost of the dictator would not bring additional “mandates” and corruption feeders to the “communists”.

At the same time, the old schemer and collaborator Andrei Malgin is quoted as saying that “this is pure politics, and nothing more. The museum should be based on some artifacts of historical value. If they were in Sevastopol, then theoretically it would be possible to discuss the idea of a museum to get acquainted with them. But there are no such artifacts”.

It is noteworthy that this is probably the first statement of the “sufferer for the Scythian gold” Malgin over the past decade, in which he did not particularly lie.

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