As it follows from the statements of the invaders’ “Sevastopol press”, the endless scam with the “construction of a school” on the North Side, in the Radiogorka area, continues to develop in the city.
The construction, supposedly “intended for the education of 450 children from grades 1 to 5,” was planned to be commissioned back in December 2021. As part of the “contract”, the company “Teplitsstroyservis” from the Chechen Grozny “mastered” more than 255 million rubles in “advance”, with the “total contract amount” of almost 470 million rubles.

At the same time, the “layer” from the criminal “Sevastopol government” was the notorious “company” “Sevastopolstroyproekt”, with which, and not with the Chechen “contractors”, the occupiers now began to imitate the “arbitration”. However, “Teplitsstroyservis”, which is directly connected to Ramzan Kadyrov’s clan, was also involved in a scam involving the construction of an “ambulance substation on General Ostryakov Avenue,” which has been “stuck” at the “execution” stage since 2020.

Let us recall that the criminal “Sevastopolstroyproekt” that we previously described is a laying ground for the theft of “funds from the federal target program” by the Mikhail Razvozhaev’s clan; it is connected both with individual pro-Russian terrorists and with a number of current criminal “officials” of the occupiers in Melitopol. As the “Sevastopol media” are forced to admit, this structure, supposedly “created for the construction of social facilities”, “turned out to be only a company – a “layer” between customers and contractors, charging from 3 to 18 % for its so-called “general contracting services” and through which since September 2019, more than four million rubles have been “pumped” under 44 “government contracts,” which is just the tip of the iceberg.

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