In the first days of 2024, the occupation “administration” in Feodosia joyfully reported on the activities of a special “commission” that is fighting the unauthorized “connections” of town residents to storm sewers, through which they thus remove their waste. The bottom line is that residents are forced to connect to a “normal” sewerage system by paying for its services.

However, as they write on social networks, the whole difference is that the storm sewer delivers the feces of Feodosia residents into the sea using the Baibuga River and a number of “outlets” on the beaches, but the “real sewer” centrally throws out the same feces in a single pipe in the port area on a distance of “as much as 50 meters” from the piers.

However, if you believe the collaborators from the “commission”, which united the “administration”, “urban improvement”, “branch of “Voda Krymu”” (“Crimean Water”) and “officials of the ministry of ecology”, in two years they managed to catch as many as five households with “illegal taps into storm drains”. Moreover, in the “hot fecal season” of 2023, the same “commission” reported “hot on the heels” that in just one week of June they “found and sealed 18 illegal taps.” Thus, the businessmen from the “commission” once again decided not only to prove that “money has no smell” but also to “support small and medium-sized businesses” of the occupied town, “turning a blind eye” to the exact routes for sending wastewater to the long-suffering Gulf of Feodosia.

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