At the beginning of January, the occupiers’ Sevastopol propaganda aimed at “new heights” in promises of a fake “quick victory” for the aggressor, this time in “outer space”. Alexey Vasiliev, supposedly a “Sevastopol rocket engineer,” was brought in to describe the upcoming “star wars” in the role of “expert”.

This figure was previously noted as the “author” of an allegedly “engineering” telegram channel, mainly engaged in praising “invincible” Russian military equipment and stories about how the Ukrainian Armed Forces are supposedly “fighting with scrap metal.” Now that Sevastopol residents can observe this “scrap metal,” as they say, “from above, from the side, and nearby,” Vasiliev’s curators decided to aim him “at space,” where it is obviously more difficult to catch obvious fakes.

However, “exposing” the use of reusable vertical landing platforms as an allegedly “false path for the development of manned cosmonautics,” Vasiliev did not come up with anything better than to recall the “nuclear-powered transport and energy module,” which Russian propaganda has been talking about for the last decade, but exclusively virtually.

However, after the rather tragicomic and “more landed” story we described in occupied Berdyansk in 2022, where Vasiliev did not “work well” with the invaders’ “administration” and he was “pulled out” from the “basement” for “fraud with vehicles” by colleagues in the propaganda workshop, one can expect anyone from this character farce in the style of “Star Wars”.

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