According to the aggressor-controlled “media”, the invaders’ criminal “State veterinary committee” launched “another campaign to prevent rabies among wild animals”, the essence of which is that “a special vaccine is being laid out on the territory of hunting farms”.

At first glance, the occupiers’ actions on “vaccination” are not without meaning, but one should point to the very announcement of the “veterinary committee” according to which, after “vaccination”, population “should not pick up downed and sick wild animals and contact them, it is necessary to take all possible measures, to avoid such contact”.

At the same time, a number of media also reported on the identified “tenders” for the “purchase of vaccines” against rabies from the criminal “Crimean government”.

Let us recall that high-quality vaccines for wild animals are indeed scattered in edible bait, but a healthy animal that has eaten the vaccine does not pose any danger to people and other animals.

Thus, either there is a massive outbreak of rabies in the Crimean forests, which the occupiers are silent about, or the vaccines declared by the “veterinary committee” are themselves a source of danger, or at least they are obviously useless, which the Crimean “veterinarians” understand, organizing another “cut funds” on “tenders”.

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