On December 22, the aggressor announced the “appointment to the post” of the next criminal “head of administration” of Feodosia, Igor Tkachenko. Let us recall that on July 5, the criminal Sergei Aksyonov announced the next replacement of the Feodosian gautleiter, since the then “head of administration” Vladimir Popenkov, “appointed” on November 26, 2022, allegedly “wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will.”

Even then, such a “personnel leapfrog” caused by the constant struggle between collaborators’s groups and the aggressor’s special services among themselves evoked sarcasm even among “media” and “bloggers” wholly loyal to the aggressor, who called Popenkov nothing more than a “senile grandfather”. However, the current “appointment” is even more remarkable, and this figure was previously described by us in the context of the summer fuel crisis of the occupiers.

On September 8, we mentioned in this vein the announced “resignation” of the criminal “state council deputy” from “United Russia” Igor Tkachenko, who was interesting not so much for his actions in the fake “committee on construction, transport and fuel and energy complex”, but for his work before the occupation in the network of gas stations “Atan-Crimea” and in another fuel structure “Inter-Shelf”.

As we stated, under the conditions of occupation, Tkachenko, since 2018, was listed as the “head of the oils department” in the “Kedr” company “founded” by the wife of the owner of “Atan” Ivanna Tikhomirova, and from there “the Tikhomirovs’ man” was sent as a “talking head” to “State Council”.

The current appearance of Tkachenko in Feodosia, who was previously demonstratively removed from the “fuel processes” in the “state council”, is not entirely accidental, since it is there that the Tikhomirovs’ “fuel business” objects are concentrated, connected to the oil depot of the Feodosia port.

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