According to the aggressor-controlled “media”, an active supporter of the “Russian world” Konstantin Zarudnev died in the occupied Sevastopol, whom the collaborators called “an iconic person”.

Zarudnev, by decades before the start of the occupation, actively disseminated pro-Russian narratives in Sevastopol “Internet forums” and “information resources”, he was a deputy of the district council from the pro-Russian Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, and in this position in 2010 he staged a provocative show with the burning of a Ukrainian passport.

Now many collaborators admit that Zarudnev, apparently coordinated in this matter by the Russian special services, acted as a “link” between various movements and personalities of Sevastopol.

In an interview with “Meduza” in 2015, Zarudnev described his actions since 2005, pointing out that “I’m also a former cop, I had a good … agency”, also mentioning “Volodya, our curator from the SBU”, who apparently also changed oath or in 2014, or much earlier.

In this 2015 interview, Zarudnev called himself the “deputy commander of the Frontier squad”, which had been criminally involved since February 2014 in the seizure of ships and military units of Ukraine in Sevastopol. However, at the same time, Zarudnev admitted that “the decisive role in the Crimean events was played not by the militia, but by the Russian army”.

It is interesting that the aggressor’s propaganda is silent about the causes of the death of the fifty-year-old Zarudnev, vaguely alluding to some kind of “state of health” and “prolonged illness”.

It is also noteworthy that Zarudnev, as one of the few truly “ideological” and not mercantile or situational supporters of the aggressor, has not received any special “posts” and “feeding troughs” from the occupiers in Sevastopol since 2014.

At the same time, Zarudnev “knew too much about too many”, and whatever the true cause of his death, now, in anticipation of the inevitable de-occupation, quite a few collaborators will obviously not grieve over the death of a witness and accomplice so dangerous for them.

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