In mid-February, the occupiers’ propaganda “media”, “Pervy Sevastopolsky” and “ForPost” decided to make a “heartfelt report” about the feeding of “servicemen of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol”.
To do this, in the context of the “current moment”, the Russian invaders decided to hold a “day of Belarusian cuisine” in “one of the parts of the Crimean naval base”, stating that the aggressor’s sailors “prefer the Belarusian menu” to all others.

A certain firm “Tekhnologiya” was announced as the supplier of “Belarusian food”, and of the two illegal “enterprises” “registered” by the occupiers in Sevastopol with such a name, not one of them deals with food issues “according to the profile”. However, even without such details, this unpretentious agitation gave rise to a wave of irony among the inhabitants of the city, who generally understand what a fleet is and what a galley is.

As the Sevastopol residents wrote, “how many cuisines of the world participated in the competition in satiety and deliciousness?”, sarcastically suggesting that the aggressor sailors tried “Mexican, Italian, French, Georgian, Armenian, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Croatian and other cuisines, and only after that they objectively decided: the Belarusian one is the best.”

Also, the Sevastopol residents noted that in the “show with potato pancakes”, even for a television show, a certain “duty doctor of a military unit” and not a unit commander, as it “should be in the navy in such cases,” took a sample from cooked dishes.

But in fact, what is important in this situation is not the irony of local residents about the clumsy aggressor’s “military advertising”, but the reasons for its appearance, which turned out to be quite banal.

As it was reported in Sevastopol, the feeding of the military aggressors in the 2023, has deteriorated significantly, and about any dissatisfaction with the “complainers”, their criminal command promises to arrange “a wonderful hot meal at the front”. There, most likely, they will do without fake “pancakes”.

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