On the morning of November 18, the aggressor’s propaganda announced that a “marine drone” allegedly attacked the “Shekharis” oil port in Novorossiysk.

At the “Sheskharis” transshipment complex, oil from fields in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan is loaded for shipment abroad, and the “morning report” indicated an “explosion” and some “minimal damage” to the oil terminal.

However, by the evening of November 18, the same Russian propaganda announced that there were no damaged oil ports, and that the “information about the attack” on “Sheskharis” “does not correspond to reality”.

In fact, a technical accident at the facility and a direct sabotage of the Russian special services with the aim of simulating a “drone attack” are not excluded.

In this way, the aggressor rather clumsily tried to tie in the recent explosions in Sevastopol, the prospects for the creation of the Ukrainian fleet of naval drones, as well as the repeated promises of the occupiers themselves about “maritime terrorist acts”, in which they seek to blame Ukraine “in advance” and without proof.

At the same time, the “informational work” of the Russian special services did not develop, since, obviously, it “did not like” the beneficiaries of the local “Transneft”, which, in fact, began to refute this “breaking news”.

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