As the Russian occupiers are forced to admit, there will be no “completion of work” at the long-suffering Sevastopol sewage treatment plants “Southern” in 2023, repeatedly promised by the criminal Sevastopol “administration”.

Illegal “contracts” regarding the “successfully mastered” criminal “federal financing” illegal “customer” – “Unified directorate of capital construction” and the “executor” – “Regional construction company”, “successfully mastered” the last five years of criminal “federal financing”, are “extended”, and “financing of works” is “redistributed by the end of 2025”.

Thus, it is obvious that the de-occupied Sevastopol will meet the Ukrainian authorities with a “fastened” approach to the sewerage system, which will continue to be dumped from the already half-million occupied city overflowing with the aggressor’s colonialists directly into the sea.

As we wrote earlier, the Russian invaders named the sanctions imposed by civilized countries among the reasons for “postponing the start of construction of treatment facilities” in 2022, but after the “shout” from the Kremlin, they began to declare that supposedly “everything is fine and going according to plan.” However, this, of course, did not affect the actual state of affairs.

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