As we reported in September, the occupiers are well aware that the only “tourists” in occupied Sevastopol will now be the aggressors’ military , and it is “for them” that the “business partners” of the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev are frantically building the next shamans by the sea at Cape Khrustalny, not far from a similar cyclopean structure from collaborator Eduard Yurkevich.

And here the main intrigue for the Sevastopol clans of collaborators was whether the “11 friends of Razvozzhaev” would take away the hot spots from the mentioned competitor, since they initiated the corresponding “process” in the fake “arbitration court”. Let us recall that collaborator Yurkevich, who still has a dozen registered companies in Ukrainian registers, received the “land on Khrustalny” together with the Russian spy Oleg Belaventsev from another agent of the Russian special services, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, then the “governor of Sevastopol”, and now dressed as mask of an “oppositionist to the Kremlin” in Cyprus.

In November, we wrote that Sevastopol “officials” predictably “lost the trial” regarding the demolition of the shalman Eduard Yurkevich on Cape Khrustalny, and now the aggressor-controlled “media” write that the occupiers “refused to appeal,” and that now “the shalman on Cape Khrustalny will become an eternal part of the sea facade of Sevastopol.” However, don’t Sevastopol collaborators know that there is nothing more temporary than their “eternal values”.

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