As Oleg Korablev, deputy director of the Russian Space Research Institute for the support of the “ExoMars” project, said today, France abandoned plans to create, together with Russia, an instrument for the orbiter, which India plans to launch to Venus.

The “ExoMars” project itself is a joint astrobiological program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the aggressor state corporation “Roscosmos” for the exploration of Mars, the main goal of which was to search for evidence of the existence of past and present life on the red planet.
Within the framework of this program, the “ExoMars-2016” automatic interplanetary station was launched and the “ExoMars-2022” station was planned to be launched. “ExoMars-2016” consisted ofan orbital and descent (“Schiaparelli”) vehicles; it was launched on March 14, 2016 by a “Proton-M” launch vehicle from the “Baikonur” Cosmodrome.

On October 19, 2016, the space station entered the orbit of the planet’s satellite, but later the“Schiaparelli” apparatus crashed while trying to land on the Martian plateau of Meridian.
As our Association has repeatedly reported, since 2014 the Russian invaders have consistently tried toinclude the equipment of the National Space Agency of Ukraine criminally seized by aggressor in the Crimea, such as the “RT-70” radio telescope, into joint space projects with the European institutions.

In 2021, we sent to the space agencies of civilized countries, including ESA, evidence of criminal attempts to use this equipment, in particular, intended for telemetry of space craft in deep space, for the Russian-German project “Spektrum-X-Gamma” in the development of “global navigation systems” of a new generation, which the Kremlin planned to use to develop its own missile weapons.

It should be noted that the Soviet “Martian” program was also once provided with telemetry from the“RT-70”, and in Russia itself there is only one alternative similar installation, located in the Russian Far East. It is noteworthy that the loss of the Soviet devices “Phobos-1” and “Phobos-2” sent to Mars, which were “guided” by the Crimean radio telescope, is very reminiscent of the 2016 incident with“ Schiaparelli”.

“ExoMars-2022” was supposed to consist of a flight module, a descent module (landing module), as well as an adapter with a system for separating the descent module from the flight module. In March2022, the ESA suspended, and on July 12 stopped the implementation of the program, precisely inconnection with the large-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia as part of Russian aggression, whichwas described in our Association’s appeals to this structure.

Now it is obvious that ESA completely ceases cooperation with “Roskosmos”, whose functionaries will now obviously be exclusively engaged in staging propaganda videos in the Russia-occupied Crimea against the background of the space communications property, criminally seized from Ukraine.

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