In the summer of 2023, we wrote about a rather “inconspicuous” event, when a fake invaders’ “court” in occupied Crimea “sentenced to a suspended sentence” for four and three years, respectively, the former criminal “vice prime minister” Yevgeny Kabanov and his “subordinate”, the criminal “minister of construction” Mikhail Khramov. This “high-profile case” began in September 2021, when Kabanov was “detained on charges of fraud on an especially large scale during the construction of a water pipeline”, where, as part of a scam with the illegal “firm” “Master-Yug” of Roman Zhuravlev, 57,5 million rubles were “dissolved”.

Let us recall that Kabanov was “famous” for many scams, and the alleged “development” of the Simferopol airport area, and the “reconstruction” of the Yevpatoria embankment, and attempts to write off funds for the “reconstruction of the berths of the southern coast of Crimea”. Before the “severe sentence,” Kabanov and his accomplices were “degreased” as much as possible, in particular in the “Omega” residential complex, illegally built in the Primorsky Park of Yalta in 2018, controlled by the swindler “firm” Interstroy, which the occupiers “nationalized” in February.

However, the occupiers are clearly giving Kabanov a new chance to “get fat” by admitting that same “Master-Yug” to a new “contract”, already for 1074 million. It is precisely these funds that the criminal “Investment and construction department of the republic of Crimea” decided to launder with Zhuravlev and Kabanov for the “reconstruction of the main water pipelines of the city of Kerch,” while the collaborators-controlled “media” themselves admit that “to clearly show where they will dig this time and what, is impossible, since site plans were not included in the government contract”. The only thing that residents of occupied Kerch can be sure of is that the frequent appearance of water not on the roads of the city, but in their taps at home, can be forgotten for a long time.

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