In December 2023, the aggressor’s puppets announced that next year they had “reduced the republican budget deficit” from 8.2 to 2.1 billion rubles. It is stated that “revenues in 2024 will amount to 199.6 billion rubles, expenses – 201.7 billion rubles”, but these “optimistic” figures should be assessed in comparison with “current indicators”, when “total budget revenues for 2023” amounted to 230.5 billion rubles, that was 15% more, and the total amount of expenses was 238.6 billion rubles, that was 18% more.

Since the collaborators, with the Crimean economy they destroyed, receive most of their “income” from the Kremlin, their role in “budget planning” is exclusively ritual: for example, the “amount of income and expenses” for 2024 was “released” to them by the Russia’s Ministry of finance back in 2022 and amounted to those same 200 billion for “each column”. Therefore, it is quite remarkable that in such a “bright future” for the occupiers as 2025, they have already planned a further “reduction in income” for collaborators by tens of billions in the classic style of “no money but you hold on”.

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