On August 14, the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov stated that allegedly “Crimea will initiate … toughening responsibility for disseminating in the public field, on various Internet resources, in social networks, chats, instant messengers, photos and videos of the location and operation of military and strategic facilities, air defense and other defense systems”, as well as the results of the impact on the occupiers in the Crimea.

These “creative ideas” are circulating in the “social networks”, controlled by the aggressor for a couple of days, after the recent “smokescreen” on the Kerch bridge, and it is obvious that Aksyonov decided to “lead the process”.

Here it is worth mentioning not only the obvious reasons for such hysteria of collaborators, but also the “self-censure” established for the Kremlin for Aksyonov himself, who was practically withdrawn from the “information field” after the “Wagner” coup and is now trying to remind him of his existence by any means.

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